Increased Cardiovascular Disease Danger Possible With Drug-Coated Stents

Stent placement is a relatively common procedure in the United States. Most patients recover fully and do not experience issues as a result of stent placement. However, there are certain stents that might be associated with an increase in heart attack risk and these are referred to as drug-coated stents. If you have had this type of stent placed, you should learn more about the potential complications and heart attack. With a personal injury settlement, Hudson Valley residents who did experience issues can consult with a lawyer to determine if they have legal recourse.

What Did the Research Conclude?

Like regular stents, the drug-coated type is placed to open diseased or damaged blood vessels to help enhance blood flow through those vessels. The difference between a regular stent and the drug-coated type is that the drug-coated type is coated in a drug that might reduce the rapid reproduction of blood cells in that area.

The American Journal of Medicine did a study about these stents and an increased risk of heart attack. The study concluded that when a person had a drug-coated stent placed, their risk of experiencing a heart attack was up to five times higher. This increase in heart attack risk is due to someone being more likely to develop clots with this type of stent. To help prevent this, it is recommended that medications to prevent blood clotting be used after placement for a specified amount of time.

A second study was also conducted called the Drug Coated Stents Study. The conclusions in this study were very similar to the conclusions published in the American Journal of Medicine. They also cited the risk of a heart attack being fives times higher. They expanded on the clotting complication. They stated that with this type of stent, there could be gaps that could be prime areas around the stent for clots to occur.

Understanding the Basics Concerning a Heart Attack

You are surely familiar with a heart attack and that it can be a life-threatening health event. It occurs as the result of heart damage. When the heart does not get enough blood, damage can result that could result in a heart attack. One of the most common reasons the heart does not get enough blood is a clot in a blood vessel inhibiting adequate flow. The effects a person experiences related to a heart attack ranges significantly. Some people recover fully and others have medical issues and limitations that follow them for the rest of their lives. Even if someone survives the event, there is the risk for problems like abnormal heart rhythm and heart failure, both of which can be life-threatening.

Now you know more about drug-coated stents, get more info heart attack and what the possible link could be. If you experienced a heart attack after a doctor placed one of these stents in your body, you might consider reaching out to a lawyer to learn more about a personal injury settlement in Hudson Valley.

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